Timberline series grill pan liners


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Jul 13, 2020
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Timberline 1300
Hi All:

I have an observation i wanted to share and ask if anyone else has noticed. This past Fathers Day I purchased myself a Timberline 1300 .... thank you very much !! :)

On my very first grilling, which was just brgers, I misplaced the grill pan liners and couldnt find them so proceeded to grill the burgers without them. I was somewhat pleasently surpried as the burgers got a fairly nice char to them and came out OK. My previous Traegers coudnt leave grill marks on a candle.

On my next grilling , i found the grill pan liners and installed one, poor fit and all. I grilled burgers again and noticed I didnt get the same charring I did before, actually quite less. I suspect these grill pan liners are either insulating or reflecting the heat away or something. Perhaps the poor fit and resulting air pockets between the grill pan and the liners are reducing the amount of heat hitting the grill.

Any thoughts ?
It makes sense that the liners may reflect/insulate some of the heat. I really press and form my liners to the pan, and considering the mess, I can't bring myself to cook without a liner. Some are just using foil, I haven't tried that to see if it makes a difference.

I have been reluctant to go to 500F much because of the paint bubbling issues some have seen. I'm working on an insulation scheme for the bottom and rear exit vents to hopefully allow me to go to 500 with less worries of paint damage at sear temps.
I use the Traeger Liners and form them to the drip pan before inserting the drip pan. As RemE said, press and form the liners so there is no lift. they sure make clean up much easier.