Timberline 850 igniting problem


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May 3, 2020
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Torrance, California
Timberline 850
After 20 min. It produces a ton of white smoke and the display beeps and says failure to ignite and then a min. latter it lights. The display keeps the warning on and eventually will go into cool down cycle, but will usually relight ok. Any idea's on what is causing this?
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Not sure, I have a Timberline 1300 and having igniting problems as well. After about 15 to 20 minutes gets into cook and does a great job.
Well, I fixed it myself never got a call back from Treager service. You spend that kinda money on a new timberline and you get no help, sad. The fix, I set the hot rod at 1/2". At 10 minutes I was already getting some gray smoke a little more than you would see on super smoke. Ignition happened at 14 1/2 minutes. At 25 minutes the temp was already stabilized at 300 deg. With the rod set at 1/4" it would take 25 minutes to start to see white smoke, and a lot of it billowing out. I knew that wasn't right
I have same problem with my 850, get slow ignition and after 15 to 20 minutes lots of white smoke then will ignite and heat up 50 degrees or more over set temp. Traeger says fan they are sending fan kit. We will see if that fixes it.
I'm having the same issue on my Timberline 1300. Just purchased on Father's Day, and was surprised at the long ignition duration. It was 20+ minutes during seasoning, throwing slow ignition warnings. During an actual cook, it did get down to 16mins - but still threw the warning at 15min in the app. Pellets were Traeger brand and in good condition - nice shine and break well in hand. I'll try changing them out, but I suspect it is not the problem.

I started a poll on Reddit to see how long people's ignition duration was, and it seems like most people are 5-10 mins (or less than 5mins)... though still need more people to respond to the poll.

2020-06-25 09_48_38-Timberline 850_1300 - Ignition Duration and Firmware Update Questions _ Tr...png

I noticed I am running older firmware, despite the fact it did run through an update when I first paired it to my wifi. Right now I'm running Firmware 02.00.01 (RELEASED 3/27/18) and Config Version 07.004 **(RELEASED 11/8/19). I noticed on Traeger's site, that there is slightly newer firmware:

  • 02.01.00 - RELEASED 3/24/20
  • 1 - Updates to cloud connectivity to improve response time between grill and app
  • 2 - Improved ignition performance

I was really hoping to realize #2 ... but am stuck on the older version. Seems like they have stopped pushing updates altogether due to issues in the ~May updates, based on other threads.... so who knows when I'll receive the 02.02.00 firmware :(

What firmware and config version are you guys on?


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