Timberline 1300 bottom shelf


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Jun 11, 2020
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Timberline 1300
Just bought a new Timberline 1300 and a bottom shelf. Does anyone know how to attach this thing? There are two holes on one side of the shelf only. Can't find where to attach it. Pictures show the shelf resting in the bottom inside of the leg braces. However, when I put it there it fell out. There was nowhere to attach the shelf. Did I get the wrong one?
Did you get 4 brackets with a hole on one end and hook on the other? They go into the top screw of your existing cross brackets that are embossed with Traeger, hooks are inward. The shelf rests on those. Mount the 4 brackets, remove the bottom 2 screws from one of your cross brackets, pivot it out and up and slide the shelf in resting on the 4 mounting brackets. Drop your cross bracket back in and screw it back on.
Thank you MikeyR. In the midst of all the packing I had covered up the brackets that came with the shelf. So, I was able to attach the shelf. It wasn't easy. At my age 77, if you get down on the ground to do something you might not be able to get back up. Fortunately, everything worked out. Now I'm waiting for the pellets and the first cook. They should be here tomorrow.

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