The Eight Hour Brisket. Bludawg's K.I.S.S. Method

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Jun 22, 2019
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I used to smoke briskets many years ago when I was in Texas. Low and slow was the rule of the day on my offset smoker and wrap the brisket halfway through with foil (Texas Crutch). It meant getting up way before the crack of dawn and baby sitting the smoker all day, sometimes for 14 or more hours, adding wood as needed and opening and closing vents to control the temp. It was a PITA if you ask me. I often pulled the brisket before it was done because I had hungry guest waiting. An underdone brisket is tough and chewy. Not my goal.
Since I recently purchased my Timberline 850 I am going to try to perfect my brisket smoking. I came across this Bludawg's K.I.S.S. method on BBQ Brethren forum. Numerous people have used this method with much success. The only temp Bludawg is concerned with is the pit temp. He knows when the Brisket is ready by tenderness with a probe. I just started my own 12.5 lb brisket using this method and will see how it goes. I am using a smoke tube with hickory pellets to increase smoke exposure as this is a fast method. I am posting his method without permission but with all credit to Bludawg.

BluDawgs Brisket
K.I S.S. some of the best brisket you will ever eat! Total cook time including the rest 8 hrs or less. I promise it will be as moist as mornin dew on the lilly, tender as a mothers love, pure beefy smoky goodness.
1 packer 12-15 lb
Trim off the hard fat on each side of the flat thin the fat cap to 1/4"
Mix your Rub
1 part kosher salt 4 parts Med grind Black peppa by volume( this is a true 50/50 BY weight)
apply a coat of rub you need to be able to see the meat through the rub clearly.
Pre heat the pit to 300 deg
place brisket on the pit Fat Cap Down and point to the firebox unless it is a RF cooker then point to away from FB
Maintain pit between 275-325 if cookin on a stick burner
cook Brisket 4 hrs
remove from pit wrap in a single layer of Butcher paper Return to pit Fat cap up.
after 1 hr probe the thicket part of the Flat only! If it isn't *probe tender it will be within 1 hr.
once it is probe tender remove from the pit keep it wrapped in the paper you cooked it in and allow it to rest on your counter until the Internal temp reaches 150 this will take about two hrs.
Don't ever slice more than you can eat big pieces retain moisture and won't dry up on you like slices will.

*PROBE TENDER>This is the feel that is mimicked by cutting room temperature butter with a hot knife, there should be no drag
4 hour mark showing probe temp and grill temp. Brisket before wrapping with pink butcher paper and placing back on the grill fat cap up this time.
One hour after wrapping, five hours since I put the brisket on the grill.. Going to give it a few more minutes before checking.
Final Temp. 5 hours and twenty five minutes after the start of cooking. The probe test is subjective. I may have pulled it a little bit early but it felt pretty tender, if not hot knife through butter tender. 205 degrees farenheit is generally recognized as done for a brisket. Two hours of waiting to test the final product. This should give me a total time of 7 hours and 25 minutes. I am anxiously awaiting the results. Translation: I am hungry bordering on hangry.

Well how did it turn out? Looks good from the outside!
It came out moist and tasty but it was not as tender as I had hoped for. I did some more searching and reading and I found that many people find that when you cook brisket at higher temps the finishing temp is also much higher than normal. I pulled at 205 instead of waiting until it was really tender. I believe this is why Bludawg stresses cooking until the probe inserted feels like a hot knife going into butter not using temperature. I will try it again. If you look at the knife blade in the photo you can see the moisture.

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