Steak reverse sear issues on pro 575


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May 8, 2019
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OK I know that searing isn't really the preferred option on a pro 575 for steak but i tried this anyway and had a very difficult time with the hot setting (450). It didn't sear one bit. the question is how long should i wait after it gets to 450 to put on the steak for a the final sear in a reverse sear method? Or is there a best way to cook steak on the pro 575?
This is also my second time cooking so i might be just going through learning curves.
I just want to eat a good steak every now and again and not worry about anything!!
help a brother out with some good tipsmobdro
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Traeger's are not meant to sear really. Grill grates will help but once again not designed to sear. I'm planning on getting a second drip pan and modify it with a hole to allow my grill grates to heat up in order to sear by allowing the heat from the fire pot to have direct access to the main grate and grill sear grates. Just a pet project I have in the works. My grill when set to 500 gets to around 568f when I check it with an external thermometer. Once again this is convection heat and not direct flame heat which is needed to sear.
HI, just saw this on another post:

Seems to be a step in the right direction. Just worried about taking out the grates, drip pans,and heat reflectors while already cooking and the smoker/grill is full just so I can reverse rear. Memphis seems to have found a solution, but I never experienced it in action and I am not paying that much extra for searing. A portable hotplate and a cast iron griddle will do the trick as well. There is this: I have cooked with it and it is great. But not cheap. Haven't tried the cast iron griddle offered by Traeger as an accessory.
Anyone used that with success? Maybe someone here has a good idea on how to get started solving this?
Traegers are good at the reverse sear which a bit different from the direct sear process. Probably the most noticeable is the lack of a hard crust like what you get from a skillet or pan and is what some folks refer to as a "hard sear". Just like CampWhatnot pointed out, the standard Traeger doesn't really supply the direct heat necessary to get that hard sear. While mods like the BBQHack griddle (on my wish list as well) differently addresses the issue, they also tend to take away what a lot of folks consider to be the Traeger's strongest benefit - wood fired convection.

Something to consider is that if you want both, the wood fired convection/smoking of the reverse sear and the crusty hard sear - look at doing some sort of combo. Examples could include:
  • Heating up a skillet in the pit for the final sear
  • Adding a mod like thicker stainless still grates or the GrillGrates
  • Using a separate tool for the final sear such as a screaming hot charcoal grill, direct to coals, or skillet on a gas burner or stove
Hope some of that helps

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