Start up lid up or down

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Nov 23, 2019
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Timberline 1300
Not new to Traeger, had Pro 32 for 3 years.
Upgraded to a Timberline 1300, the startup and shutdown instructions don’t state if you leave the lib open or closed. Which?
My understanding is that Traeger recommends the door be shut during preheat and [I assume] ignition.

Closed for me and I give it enough time to reach temperature and stabilize. I don't know how it figures out how much fuel to feed but it seems to me that opening the lid during the preheat messes that process up.
Welcome to the forum! I always start with the lid close as well. I would assume it would also heat up faster that way.
Lid closed.
specially on the new units. The ignite and preheat is all one process.
can do lid closed on the older units as well. Just make sure it lights and does not fill the pot with pellets without lighting. The. You have a boom on your hands.
Yup lid closed when igniting.
Agree, lid closed, not only does it speed preheat but the newer ones monitor the temp and look for the grill to be heating up within a certain time window or it will spit out an error. With WiFire it pushes an alert "ignition fail" message.

Even with all this my 850 has both failed to light within the window and failed, it has also over filled the firepot and had a decent flare up so they aren't perfect yet.
Here's what the Traeger Pro manual says:

"With the door open, turn the switch ON (I) and the temperature dial to SMOKE. In about 2 minutes, the pellets will ignite and whitish-gray smoke will come out of the grill. After the pellets have ignited, close the door and turn the temperature dial to any cooking setting desired. Allow the grill to preheat for about 10 minutes with the door closed before placing food in the grill."

I'm new to Pellet smoking and to Traeger, but I figure the manufacturer must know what's best. And, it works for me.
I think he was asking about the Timberline, having changed to that from his Pro :)
My bad . . . :oops: . . . assumed the process would be the same.
I have a T850, ignite with lid down. I have had overtempt shutdown issues if I set the temp too high at ignition. Support says that they tend to overshoot temps when igniting so is best to set the temp below 300, after start up temp reached, then increase higher as needed. This seems to work solid for me now
220 with lid down, once reached I change to directed temperature.
I start all my Traeger’s lid closed and never had any issues.
My new Traeger recommends that the lid be closed during start up… whereas with my older one the lid was supposed to be open. Why the difference? Thanks!