Smoked Meatballs


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Jul 18, 2019
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Followed the smoked Italian meatball recipe on the app. The only things I did different was to double the recipe, use a lb of sausage along with the ground beef, and used cracker meal instead of breadcrumbs (much finer grind than breadcrumbs and I like the consistency & texture of meatballs and meatloaf when I use it). I ran the temp at 275, & bumped it up to 350 after and hour. Cooked to an IT of 165. Used lumberjack char hickory. I think I like them. Want to do some steaks and burgers with them to decide if I’ll buy more.

Ok, I cheat ?!
When doing “Moinks” I get my pre-made 8-count meatballs at WinCo.
I wrap each in 3/4 slice of classic style bacon, and season, usually, with some TR Big Game or Cabela’s Kansas City Rub.
Onto the Traeger at 250* for 1 hr, 20 minutes total.
I squirt a line of Traeger Apricot BBQ Sauce on each at the 60 minute mark.
Nice Smoke Ring, moist, and great flavor, and texture.
One of my favorite appetizers.
I did some smoked Italian meatballs last night and had them with homemade fettuccini. They came out really good, but I think I still prefer beef meatballs over pork meatballs with pasta & sauce. One of the smokehouses near me has Moinkball Mondays. Have to try making a batch. Your recipe sounds really good.