Smoked a bunch of different cheeses last night

What cheeses did you smoke?

What conditions (time and temp) did you use?

I have not tried this, but it sounds interesting. I presume the resting period afterward is to allow the smoke and internal liquids to migrate throughout the cheese.
Awesome! I hope you post some photos!
Doesn't look much different other than a few shades darker..will post some when they come out of the wrapper. I just used a cold weber grill and a 2-3 hour smoke tube. Dont use any heat! When the tube quit smoking, I took it off and wrapped it. Did some gouda, baby swiss, parmesan, and some cheddars. Best to do at night or on a cool day. I'm dying to test that "wait 3 weeks" theory :) ETA..I smoked a couple bricks of cream cheese over the weekend and man..if you never tried it before I HIGHLY recommend it!
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I I’ve eaten a bunch of cheese after smoking. 🤪
Some of the cheese looks like the stuff I saw in Germany heh heh

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