Silverton 810 Firmware/Config Version


May 4, 2020
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Riverside, CA
Silverton 810
Just wondering if any Silverton 810 users have received the new firmware or config files yet. Mine is still running firmware 02.00.01 and config 09.003

The latest according to the Traeger WiFIRE Status Page is firmware 02.01.02 and config 09.005 for the 810 and 10.005 for the 620.

It looks like some people may have started receiving updates.
Not yet.... my firmware is. Still 2.00.01, config version is 9.003, no updates yet....
‘though on first startup it went form 2.00.00 to 2.00.01
Posted this in another thread ...

No updates beyond Firmware version 02.00.01 have been actively pushed since May 27th, due to the issues a subset of D2 WiFIRE Controllers were experiencing with 02.01.02 (unexpected shutdowns) ... 500 degrees is implemented through the Config Version file, and it does not appear as though the Traeger Cloud back-end will apply updates to the Config Version file independent of doing a full set of updates (Firmware + Config Version) ...

The July Update release should be forthcoming this week (July 13-19), or the following week (July 20-26), given Traeger's historical cadence of releasing updates approximately every 60 days ... you should expect an increment in the version number for Firmware to something greater than 02.01.02 ... updating Config Version values beyond what is listed up on the WiFIRE Status Page (, is an unknown ... monitor the WiFIRE Status Page over the next 2 weeks - it will be updated at some point ...