Silverton 620 real price?


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Feb 16, 2020
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Mesa, AZ
Silverton 620
I was at Costco and they had the treager people showing off the huge discounted price for the Silverton. It was listed as $1199 for original price. I knew the treager name but nothing else. I've only had a off set for about 10 years. I was hooked at the simplicity of set and forget basically. Since my wife had a stroke last April my days have nothing short of continuous. I've probably ate more fast food these last 10 months then my entire life. Anyway, the wifire didn't connect and I did some research before calling support and saw that there's hardly anything about the Silverton anywhere. Even traeger doesn't mention it in the updates for the brand. I did see that original price for silverton at costco is $799 and not what I was told. I still need to go back and get the accessories he said he'd give. I've been really wanting to return it only because of how it was made out to me about the Silverton. I think im looking for reasons to not get a refund and maybe go with another brand.
I've had one for about 7 months and couldn't be happier. It holds temperature very close without large swings. I took back a Pro Series 22 which had all kinds of problems. The Silverton was made exclusively for Costco ($799) and they will stand by it. FWIW
I just purchased the 620 from Costco and the sale price was $699. I have had it about a week and reall like it. I have been on the phone with tech support now for over 3 hours (multiple calls) to try get the Wifire to work. They have now escalated the call to level 2 support and I'm waiting for a call back. My understanding is there is no insulation blanked either for this model, that's a real bummer.
I guess it's a regional thing; I'm in the suburban San Francisco area and I bought my Silverton at the Costco Roadshow last month for $799.
My understanding is there is no insulation blanked either for this model, that's a real bummer.

It's because of the downdraft exhaust. The way Traeger's blankets attach to their grills would block the exhaust. A few others on here have had great results by using LavaLock on the lid to help with insulation.

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