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Apr 19, 2020
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Bellevue WA
2018 Trager Silverton
The unit was purchased in August of 2018. Only used the Silverton 20-30 times over the year plus period we’ve had it. We don’t use it during the winter and spring.
The unit is in a covered alcove area of the deck.

We enjoyed the quality of cooking. The taste was far superior to the taste of a wood chip box setup with Weber propane bbq.

However over the past 1.5 years a number of issues with the quality of workmanship and support.

The temperature probe broke off in the temperature socket after month or two of use. I then went a separate temperature probe.

I called support and they said to replace the complete electrical socket. When I called back again for more specific directions the input socket itself.

The other issue was with the firepot. The Carbon Steel fireport deteriorated in less than one year. looks like it broke down with holes deterioration and rust completely throughout the firepot. With the Covid stay in place situation I just now had time to try to replace it and it’s highly complex.

I’m not a technical person and called Traeger Support and tried to log onto the website the last few days. I could not get on website and no phone calls were returned. I estimated that doing replacement of these items would take me 6-8 hours. and probably lots of frustration along the way. Felt it wasn't my job to fix Traeger's product issues during warranty. No one to speak with for help.

In Aug 2018 I did extensive research on Traeger Grill. I took a risk at buying the new design of the Silverton. At the time I asked the Costco manager if it didn’t work could I return it during the warranty period.

Yesterday AM went to Costco. Spoke with the returns manager and explained the situation. He said if I wasn’t happy with it return it. In the afternoon had a friend help me and returned it to Costco. Really felt bad doing it since if Traeger support or products better we would still have it now on our deck.

Took about 10 min to return it without any hassle. Had receipt and all items from grill. Already miss having a grill. Any thoughts on what to look at for a good quality good company pellet grill?
Hi, I have a question for you. I have a covered deck and that roof extends abou 10 feet from where the Traeger would sit (against a house wall) and worry about whether smoke would be a problem for us. Three sides of the deck are open but the closest opening (where the roof stops is 10 feet from the grill. The other two open sides of the deck are 30 and 50 feet away.
I haven't bought one yet, currently use a propane grill. Don't want to make an expensive mistake.
Sorry about your problem and that I can't help you.
Miss my Traeger.
Been looking at other models and have not pull the trigger yet.

We built a lean to that worked out well. bbq was 10 feet from deck door.
We had good east-west open air flow and that dissapated the smoke.
The traeger generates smoke so you'll need good air flow.

can you upload a pic of your covered deck area?


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