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Pro 575 RTD sensor tip question


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Jun 16, 2020
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Pro 575
Hi, I was removing the bottom grate on my smoker and when putting it back in, I accidentally hit the RTD sensor, and the ceramic (I assume) broke. The probe seems to be fine and the smoker seems to run fine.

Do I need to contact Traeger to get it replaced?

Any guidance would be appreciated.
I have a Pro575 and the same thing happened to me when removing the bottom shelf from the grill. . I continued to use the Grill and at first noticed no issues. However, I must have done more damage to the Thermocouple than I realized. Over time I began to notice I had issues maintaining temps below 250 degrees (either 25 to 30 degees to low or high). I contacted Traeger Customer Service and explained my issue that I had caused to the Thermocouple. They were extremely helpful....they asked several questions and had me do several steps to check the grill and they agreed that there is an issue with the Thermocouple. They sent a new Thermocouple via USPS and I received It in 5 days. I installed myself and the grill is back to working with-in the correct temp ranges. I would Recommend contactIng Traeger Customer Service, even if you don’t have issues today. Traeger may determine that your grill is fine and if they do that‘s great Or they may replace it. But if the part fails then you and Traeger have documentation that you can reference.
I hope Traeger takes note of this problem as i did the same thing when I removed the grill the first time. No damage to me but other owners take care.