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Apr 4, 2020
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Pro 575
I have owned a pro 575 since January of this year. Using the supplied temperature probe (calibrated, of course) it consistently reads 20 degrees lower than a know good instant on thermometer. I have called Traeger and the have since replaced the probe under warranty. I am having the exact same low read issue with the new probe as well. Has anyone else had to deal with this an or have a fix?
Mine is 20-30* off and have installed new probe and controller with no fix. I use a fireboard probe and adjust the Traeger settings to get what I want out of it. It sucks but that's the way it is. But my grill shows higher than actual temps. So if I'm looking for 220 I start at 240 and see where it levels out with the fireboard and adjust accordingly.
Thanks for the reply. So I guess this is a common issue with no solution? I noticed in the controller settings there was a option to adjust the "offset" of the probe. Has anyone had any luck with that?
I don't know how common it is as I haven't heard others complain about it but I can't seem to get it fixed. The probe offset is applicable to the meat probe, not the thermocouple in the side of the grill.
My issue is with the temperature/meat probe not reading a accurate temperature. The internal temperature of the grill has always been perfect.
I've had my 575 since September and was experiencing low/high probe temps. I calibrated and I used offset to match that of my known probes, still didn't help much.

What really helped me was paying attention to where in the meat I was placing the Traeger probe. Make sure the probe wire and the end of the probe where the wire and probe are attached, do not touch the grates and interior part of the actual grill.

Ever since I started to cognizant of these things, I have had pretty spot on Traeger probe temp readings.

I guess the Traeger probe is more sensitive to these things.
Oh, now I'm really jealous. WTH won't mine read correctly? Did you calibrate your probe with ice water? You can set the offset for that on the controller.
Yes, during the first month or so of ownership, I had the craziest inaccurate readings from the Traeger probe. My big problem was that it seemed that the probe would need to be offset or calibrate every time I used the grill.

It wasn't until I put the offset to "0" and then just started watching out for where I placed the probe in the meat and that it's wire was not touching the actual grill grate, that things got far better.
Oh, now I'm really jealous. WTH won't mine read correctly? Did you calibrate your probe with ice water? You can set the offset for that on the controller.

Yes ice water and the probe got within a +/-1 degree of 32. So pretty much the probe was accurate. Only did the calibrate a couple of times. I then just started to use the offset but had to change it with almost every cook.

Wasn't until I started to police my probe practices that the probe became accurate and dependable.
I have already done that. Offset to zero, probe in the deepest part of the meat not touching the grill in any way. It is still consistently 20 degrees off.
Gotcha, so if it is consistently 20 degrees off, can you use the offset in the "Grill Settings" menu to offset it to +/- 20?
I could, but given the price of this grill, should it not work right out of the box? Reading 20 degrees off is guaranteed overcooked food every time. The advantage of the probe working properly is you never need to open the grill, therefore the temperature does not deviate.
Just got off the phone with Traegar, they are replacing the controller under warranty.
Nice, hope that corrects the issue.

I think I misunderstood your problem. I was thinking your probe was reading a consistent 20 degree off. Understood it as meat is 140 degrees but your probe is reporting 120. Offset would have been simple, just dial it forward to 20+.

I agree, these grills are not cheap. Bad electronics, poor castings, uneven lids, etc, should not be something that the end user should be left to catch. I would think each one should have some type of QC more than just a glance.

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