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Apr 1, 2019
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Courtice, Ontario, Canada
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Hi. I have been trying to upload some pics, however the pics either fail or I receive a message that the file is too large. What are the size and resolution limits on this forum? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Kelly
Hi Kelly, I just increased the max file size to 2 megabytes for images and 10 megabytes for videos. Let me know if it works now for you. Thanks!
Thanks for the update! I posted a pic last night. I had to take a screen shot of it in order to post it based on size lol.
I normally try and reduce the image size to a max width of 1600-1200 pixels and less then 1 megabyte for the file size. I wish the forum software did that automatically like facebook, but I haven't figured out a way yet.
Have you tried Gimp. It's a free and very popular basic photo editor. This is not to be confused with a human gimp that has no knees, rotator cuffs or sense of humour!
I've made a few changes on the back end, and now the forum software should auto resize the pics to work. Let me know if anyone else is having problems.

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