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Pizza Thread for Pellet Grill Smokers


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Feb 12, 2019
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Austin, TX
2023 Ironwood-L
Last night we couldn't decide on what to cook for dinner and time was running out. I had always heard people talk about how good frozen pizza's were on the Traeger so this was a good opportunity for us to give it a shot..

Cheap frozen Pizza selected.. Austin's Pizza of course!

And the results.. OUTSTANDING! I forgot to grab a photo of the Pizza right off the grill, but here's half way through:



I believe this was cooked on 400 for about 13-15 minutes. I can't remember exactly, but I did turn it about half way.

Let's keep this thread going. Post up your Pizza pics and reviews!
We did another couple of pizzas this past weekend. We picked up a few frozen cheese pizza's and added our own toppings. I can't believe how good these come out!

i've done this a few times too but i saw in another forum that some people take the heat buffer (not sure if right word) and the drip pan off to bake pizza. (pizza exposes to the fire) Just another idea to try.
I have made homemade pizzas on a stone on my Weber with great success however my stone is usually around 650-700 degrees Fahrenheit. Has anyone attempted to use a stone and if so what temp will the stone get to if you dial up the Traeger to 500F? Also I presume removing the drip pan and such would aid in increased temps on the pizza stone. I haven't built my ironwood as of yet so just curious b4 I attempt zaw on the Traeger. Thx in advance.
I always leave the stone on the grill while heating up. But with the new grills at 500 might be done differently.
Roger that. I always preheat the stone before the pizza goes on regardless of the cooking method. I learned that the first time I ever cooked a pizza lol. You can also overheat a stone and it will split. Lessons we learn. Lol. Just need to try it and adapt accordingly I suppose. Hopefully the ironwood will produce a decent pizza. Will share once I try it.