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Pellet level sensor on ironwood


Jun 9, 2019
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Ironwood 650
Has anyone found out if you are able to add a pellet level sensor to a ironwood series?? I have read a few post the the wires are behind the controller but have not read that anyone has installed one.
It's on my list to try but I'm having problems getting one in Canada. My dealer says they have no part # listed to order it. I will get one at some point.
If you look in the pellet hopper, there is a rubber plug against the front wall, toward the grill side. There are two wires that come from the controller, that enter a connector behind that plug. I would assume that if a sensor can be purchased, and if the Ironwood firmware is capable of accessing it, that it could be enabled. But, not knowing whether the firmware includes that function is the big question.
Yup I hear ya but I'm willing to try it once I can get one. The struggle is getting one lol. It's always more difficult to get newer stuff up here in Canada. I have emailed Traeger Canada to see if they can help get me one.
Well this is the reply I received from Traeger today ?

Well maybe one day we will be able to get one.....

Ya in time. I will dig into it further but it's new and they are occupied with pissed off consumers lol
Would they really release it? What would be the incentive to buy a Timberline? Just my thoughts but that is one f those features you get when you spend a lot more money.
Someone will reverse engineer one.....who owns a Timberline....Besides better to have it as an option to keep their loyal customers content and still make some $$$. Some guys will always purchase the top end rather than buy mid way and mod it....all customer base happy and not looking for other competitive options = more cash and brand loyalty. Everybody happy lol.
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Lol, I agree! It just seems some companies don’t think like you, which doesn’t make sense.
Had buddy try and "warranty" me a sensor to check this out. Traeger Rep said he cant warranty it unless he has a registered S/N of course ?. He also said that he heard that the pellet level sensor will be available for sale closer to November. Hope he right.
I was advised by a field rep that it will be available 'in about a month' (statement was made last week). I didn't ask specifically, but he did state that as I now had a Timberline controller (replacement for my Ironwood to resolve Wifire issue) I would be able to install the sensor as the Timberline controller 'was wired for it' and has promised me one when it comes out. I still have a D2 Ironwood controller so when I get it will check to see if there are indeed wiring differences.