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Dec 9, 2019
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On Christmas Day I will be doing a 15Lb. turkey using the Traeger Bourbon & Orange Brine Turkey recipe. I want to make sure I have enough pellets on hand because there won’t be any place to purchase more on Christmas Day if I run out. Considering the cold temperatures how many pounds of pellets can I expect to use per hour?
I don't know but I would expect that #40 would cover it. Running out bites.
I smoked my 13# Turkey (unstuffed) on Thanksgiving day here in Colorado. The temperature was like 16º when I started the cook. Wind was below 5 mph. I honestly think that wind has more to do with pellet consumption than just cold weather alone.

Anyway, I used a little more than half the bag (the 20# bag of the Turkey mix that comes with the brine packet). Here's the exact weather conditions for my cook for your reference:

Also note, I started my smoke at 8:40 am and smoked at 225º until internal temp in both thighs and breasts was 120º, then I raised the temp to 275º until the internal temp in those spots was 165º (about 3:45 pm). Removed and rested for 45 minutes unwrapped on the cutting board. It was incredibly juicy with a nice crispy skin. I did not brine, instead I used the brine mix as part of an injection preparation, with bourbon and apple cider. The brine mix is slaty, so I only used part of it to taste with the apple cider and bourbon. I reduced the brine mix in a pan with a few cloves of fresh garlic before cutting it with the apple cider so it wasn't overly salty. Then added the bourbon and injected away without punching the skin (come from under and inside). This was the first time I've ever smoked a turkey and it was amazing. Many compliments from my guests.

Good Luck!


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Oh, forgot to add..... use a good bird! Mine was a Fresh (not frozen) Diestel AMERICAN HEIRLOOM WHOLE TURKEY. Next year, I'm going for a Heritage breed.
I cannot wait to smoke a turkey this year with my Traeger. I never had success with my other smoker, just would not get hot enough toward the end to crisp up the skin. Nice job!

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