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Aug 6, 2019
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Costco Silverton
I purchased a Traeger Junior From Costco four months ago to introduce myself to pellet grilling. I had nothing but problems from the outset. First, huge temperature swings like 75-85*. Second, Blower motor quit causing a fire. It was replaced along with some warped parts. Third, Second fire cause undetermined by CS. Said they wood send a new control unit. I told them to forget it. I took it back to Costco and they gave me a refund, no questions asked. While there, Traeger reps were there with their road show. One of the grills they had was the Silverton, made exclusively for Costco. For $699 including an extra cast iron grate and full heavy duty cover, I couldn't resist. I got it home, did all the prep work and was off and running.
What a great grill. Did a pulled pork butt to monitor temp over a long period and was amazed at the minimal swings of temperature. I was tempted to buy an Ironwood, but since it was still a newer model, I decided to wait until the bugs were worked out. Also, buying through Costco, was a good choice, since returning the old unit was painless.....
Bought my first 3 Traegers from Costco. Had to take the 2nd one back as it was a lemon, but the replacement has been going strong for years. I now have an Ironwood 885. Love em! Love Costco too!
MANY will disagree with me but there seems to be a wide-gulf between the mainline 2019 Traeger units being sold today (Pro/Ironwood/Timberline) and all the other Traegers found at Costco etc. which are previous year models or special for Costco etc. models. Traeger coasted on their name for the last decade after their patent wore off but under huge new competition from other pellet grill makers who started producing heavy duty grills with stainless steel, PID controllers and more they finally seem to have begun taking the market they created seriously this year but unfortunately that is in their new line. I do believe they do a good job of CS with older units but you might always be chasing decent performance. I've been very happy with my Ironwood but it also was a bunch of money so I sympathize that it seems Traeger doesn't truly have a solid "low" cost grill.

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