Not reaching desired temps


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Dec 2, 2019
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Traeger 22 pro
Gday I have the pro 22 grill and seem to be having trouble with my temperatures on my grill.
Firstly I find it very slow Even getting close to the desired temperatures.
on the smoke setting it will take roughly 25 minutes with the lid closed to get to between 75 and 90 degrees on this setting.
I let the grill get to this temperature befor increasing it to the desired cooking temperature for example if I then increased the temp to 176degrees it will take another 15 to 20 minutes to heat to 170 and just sit on that. This does not seem normal to me
Also if I set it to high setting it will only get to 195 degrees
I have used brand new pellets and also cleaned out the ash from the grill
This is my second grill as the first one had a problem with the paint on the main barrel of the grill and was peeling but Traeger replaced my grill after 3 months of emails
My first grill was not like this one at all it was very fast to get to temp and on high setting it would get to 220 no worries
Cheers any help would be appreciated ?
Screw the chimney vent top down another 1/4" or so and see if it helps. Adjust as necessary. Mine did the same when seasoning and it fixed the problem fast.
Thanks mate I’ll give that a go ?