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Aug 20, 2023
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Ironwood 650
Is it perfectly acceptable to have a low whine noise when the smoker is at low temperatures. Smoking burgers at 85C and a constant whine, cooked a chicken last night and no noise whatsoever….is this a trait to get used to?
I have sound clip of the noise
My IW650 is loud as well. Definitely on par with what you posted in the video. It wasn't anything that bothered me. If you are concerned and it's under warranty, start a chat session with Traeger support from their website. They will more than likely get you a video session to hear it. They'll let you know if it's normal or if there is something they can send to fix it
Ok, will do that, as I live in close proximity to neighbours and on an estate in England. It seems a bit excessive when doing a long smoke, not that I have yet, but it certainly grates the ears….
My sister's Ironwood 650 makes a whining noise like yours. Hers is about 2 years newer than mine. She did call Traeger and they said it was normal.
I have an Ironwood 885. The Traegers have a couple of moving parts. One is the auger than pushes pellets into the burn pot. It is pretty slow and should only make noise when a large pellet has to be broken in to multiple pieces. The second moving part is a fan that blows air into the burn pot for combustion and then caused the heated are to circulate throughout the cooking chamber. The fan can be relatively noisy since it runs at fairly high speed. Generally, with the lid closed, it will be difficult to hear the noise more than a few feet away. However, if you are trying to run the grill at max temp, the fan will run at full speed. If you open the lid, it gives off a roar similar to a jet plane, but not nearly as loud as the jet.

If you have a smartphone, you can download sound analyzer apps that will tell you the sound level in decibels as well as the specific frequencies that make up the sound you are hearing. However, I suspect that you will find the sound you are hearing is perfectly normal. If the grill is placed adjacent to a brick wall that will reflect the sound, the primary sound and its relection might be in phase and amplifying the overall sound.
Yep, mine makes the same noise.

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