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No Smoke and NO help from Traeger support


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May 29, 2020
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I am on my third Traeger "Smoker" and this one does not smoke like my last two smokers. I have been trying to get through to customer service and finally today I was able to talk to someone for about 5 minutes until I was put on hold and then disconnected.

Does anyone know how to change the P settings on the Century 34 grill to get more smoke? I have looked for videos and found some on other Traeger grills but not for this model
Same issue with my Pro 34. Same model, except the Century is the Costco model with a warming drawer, otherwise the same thing, Manual and troubleshooting videos say to adjust the "P Setting" - but how do it fix it if there is no button???!!!??

Three separate times, I cannot get my digital temperature within 40F of the set temperature. I have cleaned out the ash tray with my shop vac and tried new pellets. The digital readout is correct as I'm using a digital probe to test the air coming out of the stack and its +/- 1F. Its a brand new grill about 4 weeks old, used 5 times. A simple adjustment to the P setting would increase the temps. Is there not a different way to adjust the auger cycle to maintain higher temps?

I called Traeger and the rep was obviously not a Traeger user and was reading from a script. So frustrating as this was my 40th birthday present and something I have wanted for a really long time. I ended up telling him I would try and figure this on my own cause he wasn't any help.

At least you can take yours back to Costco. I bought mine at a BBQ store and it looks like i'm SOL trying to figure this out myself or deal with Traeger 1-800 again.
Found this thread on Reddit: https://www.traegerforum.com/threads/wifire-status-page-has-been-updated-2020-05-20.1177/

There doesn't seem to be a P Setting anymore. The issue was a faulty controller and a replacement was necessary.

However, the P Setting only adjust the amount of time between cycles when running the auger and is really just to adjust the ability to hold a desired temp when the grill is set to Smoke. I live in a hot climate so my old Traeger would oftentimes over around 220 when smoking so I changed the P Setting from 65 seconds to 75 seconds and it seemed to help.

Also, remember that you get more smoke at lower temps! This is another good post to read:
Thanks. Support says it automatic on the new models, then she hung up after asking the first question on the script about the RFD probe. Two customer service calls and both terrible experiences.

I just want to be able to follow recipes and set the Traeger and walk away. Do I set it to 225 and let it run at 180 hoping it will eventually get there? Do I add time to the recipe cause the slow climb/consistent 45F lower than usual. Plus I shouldn't have to finish off pizzas in the oven or steaks on my propane grill cause my Traeger won't get hot enough.