New to Traeger, need some help


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Apr 26, 2020
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New Jersey
Pro 34
I’m new to pellet grilling and the Traeger grills. Just got a Pro 34 four days ago. Although I’m very excited about all the possibilities this grill opens to me I have been having some difficulties, any help would be greatly appreciated.
My major problem seems to be getting my grill to temp. I will admit I am not grilling in ideal temp (55-60 degrees outside) and conditions (slight wind gust , maybe 10mph) but I feel these conditions are not too harsh to affect the internal temp reading on my display/grill. I have followed all the instructions for seasoning the grill and have already cleaned it once after first use. First cook was grilled boneless chicken breast which I way over cooked (learning curve;)). Second cook was Reverse Seared NY Strip. Came out delicious. But my problem arises when trying to reach 450 max temp. Would be happy with anything over 400 but my grill just isn’t hitting that mark (maybe because of weather?)
Sorry for long post, any suggestions would be appreciated and any insider tips. Thanks.
What was the highest temp it reached? My older Traeger, would barely get to over 400 on a good day. My new 780 Pro has gotten up and over 450. But the heat on the older one was enough to sear.
When doing the reverse sear it reached between 360-370 and that was after about 20-25 mins. I had steaks resting on counter so I just threw them back on. They reached internal temps I wanted after another 15-20 mins but didn’t get the sear I was hoping for. Family loved the steaks, used Traeger Mesquite pellets and came out with a slight bacon flavor. Even my two girls who don’t like steak (bad parenting on my part?) ate them up
From Union County. Roselle. That does sound about right. I think my older Traeger might have gotten a little closer to 400. Give the grill time to really season. I noticed with my first one, and now with the new one, the more I used it the better everything gets. Remember also when you clean out the grill, try to clean up the thermometer. Glad you got the two girls to become steak eaters. My wife was the same way when I met her, not a big beef eater. She still is not huge into it, but she LOVES my brisket, and prime rib when I do it on the grill.
Last nights cook. Pulled pork.
Thanks for your thoughts, will give it a few more cooks and see how it goes. Does adjusting the smoke lid help? Was debating on closing that a slight more to see. I hit the lower temps fine it’s just the high temps.
Pork looks delicious, was debating on doing one next weekend since weather will be a little nicer, so hopefully grill temps don’t fluctuate too much.
Going to try some burgers today. Reason I got the larger grill was because we have a lot of family gatherings (well before the corona) and I wanted to make sure I had the room for burgers, dogs and other foods when we can get back together. Hoping to eliminate my propane grill
Nick, I did read somewhere, a while ago. Adjust the top of the smokestack. Not to sure up or down. On my barrel cooker and offset, the more open, the hotter, the more closed colder.
The guy who just bought my old Traeger loved his propane till he started cooking on the one I sold him. Says he will never go back again to the propane. He texts me the pics of what he is making.
glad to hear that person completely got rid of his propane grill. That’s my goal in long run just waiting until I get over my learning curve on my Traeger. I’m searching now if tightening the smoke lid will help. Will post anything I find
Found a negative in my eyes. Using my propane I used to be able to stand around having a beer tending to the food. Now my wife wants to know why I’m just drinking and sitting on the couch???