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Jun 12, 2020
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Hello. My name is Brian and I am looking forward to lots of great grilling in the neat future. One concern I have with my Tailgater is the grill grate seems very loose. It slides around several inches. I worry that when cooking this will make it more difficult to tend to the food on the grill if the grate is sliding around as much as it does. Has anyone else come across this on the tailgater?
Hello. My name is Marty and also new to this forum. I looking to purchase a tailgater but there is one dimension I cant find. Maybe you can help. I'm looking for the total height when the legs are folded under. Maybe after I get mine I could help with your issue.
35.5" full height. About 28" floor to grill grate. I just measured and that's with legs down. No real tall but I am 6' tall and had n ok issue when doing ribs over the weekend. Taller might be nicer, but would add weight.
Do you happen to know the height with the legs folded up? I have a bed cover on my truck and am curious if the Traeger will fit.
Sorry. I dont. Not planning on moving mine much. If at all.
Welcome to the forum guys! ?
Thanks. Sorry just replying just been busy. Trying to get a new business up and running. Looking forward to all this forum offers.

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