Deal Alert! Lowes - Charcoal Pellets $8.97/bag on Clearance


Lowes has Royal Oak Charcoal Pellets for $8.97 a bag in select stores. Has anyone tried these?
I have not tried the Royal Oak, but I did try some from Pit Boss. The first time I tried using them, I nearly ruined my cook. It had the aroma and taste of creosote. The only way I salvaged the beef roast was to turn it into beef stew. That diluted the off-flavor.

I now use what was left in the bag by adding a handful of the charcoal pellets to the hopper along with other wood pellets. It can add a nice touch to the flavor profile. Just be careful using them by themselves.

I suspect others might have come to the same conclusion as I did. That might be why Lowe's has them on clearance at what is the very beginning of the grilling season in many regions. Pellets are normally on sale in the fall as stores want to clear space for Christmas merchandise.
I tried them last summer and wasn’t impressed. They burned hotter and didn’t have a good smoke taste in my opinion. I also tried to burn them in smoke my smoke tube but couldn’t keep them lit. Probably why they have them so cheap.
Charcoal pellet problems are posted here plenty of times to where I'll never use them. And for me, no need to buy a whole bag to try in smoke tubes. I got my custom mix.