Lava Lock lid gasket


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Jul 18, 2019
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Wish I would have had a cooking run with the FireBoard before installing the lid gasket. I would have been interested in seeing how much it has improved the temp fluctuations. The graph below is for the pork roast i cooked last night. I was pretty impressed at how minor the temp changes were. If you have not put a Lava Lock gasket on your lid yet, it is a cheap addition ($15) that is worth far more than what you spend on it.


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Can you do me a favor and test the upper right temp and lower left temp and see the diff? Curious.
Can you do me a favor and test the upper right temp and lower left temp and see the diff? Curious.
Next time I run something for an extended period of time I will do just that.

When you say top right, I am assuming you mean on the top rack as close to the lid as I can get? Lowe left would be bottom grate near bottom of lid?
Yeah exactly. When I sealed my 885 I get really wide differences between the top right or high right spot, where the probes are for this model, and bottom left which is where the grease spout is.

Mine will be flipped, as my grease spout / smoke stack is on the right, but I believe I can figure it out. I did notice I was about 20 degrees warmer on the stack side the other day. Will be interesting to see.
I did it in the barrel side because there are little lips and edges that I wanted to set the tape against.
I did the barrel side as well and am seeing smoke escape still. Did it take a while to seat itself for you?
No not really. The back and front are seated much differently than the sides.
I went lid side, figured the weight of it would help seat and create a better seal. Probably doesn’t matter, but that was my thought process.