Issues signing in to app. Server side issue?

Bark House

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Apr 26, 2019
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When I try to connect to wifire through the app, it fails and I get an error message. I’m sure my username and password are correct because I can sign in, just not to the wifire part. Called CS and no server issue they are aware of, but did say they had a server problem a week or so ago. They recommended deleting the app, restarting my device and reinstalling. Still same issue. Anyone else?
I found a workaround by using my iPad and after it connects I log in in my phone, then log out on the iPad . You need to contact WiFire customer support for future issues rather than Traeger. Traeger in itself is no help when it comes to this. The “9wifire” number is what you need to call in the future.
The 9wifire CS is the # I called...Anyway, the only luck I had was to create a new account. I tried my phone and then also my wife's which had never been connected to the grill/traeger wifire. No luck until I made a new acct. Working fine now. Hope it lasts.

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