Ironwood grill tips?


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Jul 30, 2019
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Ironwood 650
So now that I have some cooks under my belt, this being my first pellet grill I have some questions.

- Anyone else have issues with the paint burning off on the back corner when running at 500 degrees? I noticed the paint getting dull on the left hand side almost immediately on hot cooks. I seared a filet last night and the right hand side corner is doing the same. When I open the grill you can see the flames hitting those two spots. I have seen some you tube videos of others that had this area burned off as well usually from a flame out due to lack of cleaning not regular cooks.

- The grease pan has some pretty big gaps front and back. I have started 2 grease fires now from cooking bacon wrapped rolls. When I try and flip it, grease splashes in the back or down the front into the fire pot. Are there any aftermarket trays with more coverage?

- Ever since getting the wifi working and receiving the latest firmware update my smoke seems to have gone away. I can smell it both in the air and on the food but I rarely see any smoke after start up. Prior to the update I got lots of smoke.

- Does anyone make direct replacement cast iron grates? Or a dual steel cast iron grate like the costco model has?

- last one lol, Where do you all put your bottom grate? On the bottom or in the grate runners? I am wondering if it really makes that much difference on the lowest setting for searing.
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