Hot Weather Temperature fluctuations


Apr 13, 2019
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Augusta, New Jersey
Timberline 1300
Interesting. It seems whenever the outside temperature is "hot", my Timberline 1300 has issues maintaining temperature. Had a brisket on overnight with zero temp issues. Started ribs this morning, and everything was fine until the sun was beating down on the smoker, and the outside temp hit the mid 80's. Couldn't hold 250. Kept dropping to low 220's. Increased temp to 255 or 260, and the T1300 went over 300. As soon as the sun was behind clouds and we got a little rain... T1300 was once again holding 250 setting, + - 5 degrees. Anyone else experiencing similar issue?
Yes. It is inherent in Tragers. Look at my mod that makes sure it does not do that. They even have their temp probe in the wrong spot.
I've been running mine under or partially under a portable canapy to get it out of direct sunlight. I only do that during the summer. It's close to 100F outside.
Well at least my analysis was correct. Temp probe position so close to upper/outer wall is the culprit... pop-up.. yep, thought about that today.
When you think about what a pellet controller must do, monitor the grills internal temp, then feed just enough pellets to a fire to hold a set temp. There will be delays and fluctuations as the controller tunes the feed to a steady state.

Now add wind, or full sun on a sealed black drum. These external forces are unknown to the controller, full sun going in and out of clouds would cause the drum to heat and the controller to reduce pellets to hold the set temp. If the sun were a constant, the controller would eventually get back to the set temp. But as external conditions change, or change quickly, there will be lag in temps as the controller attempts to maintain the set temp.

A well insulated grill would be the best at maintaining a set temp. The Timberlines are heavy duty steel and double walled so they do better than others. The pop up tent seems like a good idea or a grill blanket if in an area with more extreme outside temp fluctuations.

I checked out Steven's mods, THAT is the way to make a stable cooker. But it's now only a Traeger shell with everything else 3rd party or custom engineered by Steven, so as cool as it is, it's no longer a Traeger grill. But it does help me as an inspiration as to what's possible if you have the skills and drive!
I live in So Cal and my Timberline 1300 stays within 5 degrees of the set temp. Even in the sunlight i don't really have issues.
Just did a 9.5 hour cook on a pork butt in 90 degree plus weather Sunday we with my Ironwood 650. The temperature stayed pretty rock solid at 250 +/- 5 degrees.