HELP!!! Mice ate my smoker!


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May 24, 2020
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leicester, massachusetts
Traeger 22 Pro
Of course, being a beautiful Memorial Day weekend day, I thought I'd start it off slow with some smoked wings. But the smoker gods weren't with me today. Last weekend I had opened up the backyard kitchen and fired up the pizza oven, grill and griddle after cleaning them out. I have a mouse problem (another story for another day) so when I got to the Traeger 22 I wasn't surprised to find a mouse nest in the burner cup. I vacuumed it out, burned off the grate and grease pan in the grill, and made sure the chimney was clear. But I made the rookie mistake of NOT firing up the smoker to be sure all was still OK. Which brings me back to today.

After plugging in the smoker, I pressed the ON/OFF button heat, no lit LED's and--obviously--no smoke. With a handful of hungry people waiting, I pulled the expert step of firing up the grill (which I knew worked) and cooked the wings there. Short term problem solved, but long term problem clearly visible.

I can only imagine that the mice found the wiring on my smoker rather tasty and convenient, but I'm at a loss as to what I could/should plan on replacing. Is there a quick and easy check of the various components that I should examine to see if I can narrow down what I should order? Or should I just replace everything electrical/electronic. Perhaps a Timberline 1300 WIFI will do the trick?

Whatever anyone can suggest will be greatly appreciated......and will surely save my summer!

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