Flat Cut Brisket

Mr Reed

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Nov 10, 2019
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Any tips on smoking a really tender flat cut. I followed all the tips. Slow cook to 160, wrap to 200, placed in cooler for about an hour. Not tender at all. Do you have to use a packers cut? That was my first try. Thanks
Did you use foil or butcher to wrap? It might need foil and beef broth at the same time since there isn't much fat there.
I'm far from a brisket expert but my only small piece of advice--and perhaps you did this--is to not necessarily wrap and pull at precise temps of 160 and 200, respectively, but wrap at approx 160 once the bark is set to your liking (and/or you want to pull through a stall) and to pull when it probes tender. Also; the brisket should be placed on the counter to rest for a small period of time, possibly up-to 30 minutes, before placing in the cooler to hold. Going directly from the smoker and immediately to a cooler can allow it to continue to cook.
Here's what I learned...... temperature is a guide. You start probing, looking for "butter", at around 195º. Every cow, every cut of meat is different. I've had some brisket done at 196º and some done at 205º. When your temp probe slides right in several places as if it were going in to butter, then it's done. Never before.