First Weekend of Use. Ups and Downs.


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May 14, 2019
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Pro 570
Hello everyone,

Just entered the Traeger family with a 2019 Pro 575. We did the burn in with ease the first night let it rest and then cranked it back up the next day. Wings, Great! Threw some sausages on 225 for 3 hours, great as well. To finish the first day did a reverse sear on some New York Strips, and honestly some of the best steak I have ever eaten. (I used to be a butcher)
Now the second day did not go as well. Start the grill up and decided to experiment with a reverse sear on some burgers. Grill ignited fine and held the 225 temp perfectly for the 30 min smoking period for the burgers. Then I took the burgers off and changed the temp to 450 for the searing portion. After closing the door, the temperature did not go up, in fact it dropped at an alarming rate, almost back to ambient air temp (Around 75F). At that point I restarted the grill and set the temp to 450, figuring the fire went out. The fire re-lit but then it got exciting, the smoke became intense (most likely because of too many pellets) but then the drip tray caught fire, which I was told couldn't happen on a Traeger. Put the fire out easily, go the temp to 450 with out any other issues and the burgers cam out fantastic. fetLife itunes

I'm still excited about the purchase and really look forward to the grill, just a bit disapointed.

Is this normal? I assume not. But I also assume I should not have a "fire going out" issue after only 5 hours of use. I have done the aluminum foil on the the drip tray and will from now on. Anyone else have similar issues? Any solutions? Any other tips?

Thank you!
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HI! Good for you, still waiting for mine to make it over the pond. How did you do the sear? Did you use the griddle or grill grates or just the normal grate in the sear position at F 450?

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