Favorite BBQ Sauce?


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Feb 12, 2019
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What is your favorite store bought BBQ sauce?
For a finished sauce, I like Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Chipotle.

I keep a gallon of Cattlemen's Base around to make my own mops and sauces.
I actually like some of Wegman’s brand sauces. They stay thick and don’t run off the meat.
this is my favorite sauce made locally here and its the best sauce I have tasted I keep all 4 bottles on hand and they have a curry based sauce that is really good also


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My family really likes Traeger's Traeger Que
Hammann's Sweet BBQ & Hot/Spicy BBQ Sauce is the best around the midwest!

Grandpa Hammann’s BBQ Sauce (Fairfield, OH) has a story about its development that is rich in flavor as the sauce itself. Founder of Hammann’s Butcher Shop, John Hammann, developed his homemade sauce while serving as a mess hall sergeant in the United States Army over 50 years ago. When Hammann’s opened their doors in 1991, john was able to refer to his old military recipe for BBQ sauce that complemented many of the butcher shop meats perfectly.

The name for Grandpa Hammann’s BBQ Sauce was coined by Johns oldest granddaughter, Abbey. At a young age, Abbey respectfully, yet firmly, let her dad know that she didn’t want that “other” BBQ Sauce because she only liked Grandpa Hammann’s BBQ Sauce. The name stuck!

Check out www.localflavoring.com to order these and other fantastic local products!
Blues hog competition
Traeger apricot is manic on poultry
Kosmos sweet and Smokey
Traeger sweet heat is the bomb
Heath Riles has two sauces one traditional one vinegar. Use separate or mix 2/3 sweet 1/3 vinegar.
Same with Malcolm Reeds sauces

I could go in for an hour 😁
Sweet Baby Ray's but I just picked up some Traeger Apricot BBQ sauce. Anxious to try it.

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