Help! Drip Tray - Grease Catching System - Won't Work - Support Won't Return Calls


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Mar 5, 2020
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Union, KY
Timberline 1300
This problem persists for 4 months. The drip tray on my Timberline 1300 continues to pool grease, as opposed to draining into the grease catching system. I was told by a Traeger support person I talked to over a month ago that Traeger would send a new drip tray and drip tray covers. I received the drip tray covers (no drip tray).

Photos attached:
  • The first photo shows grease that has pooled on the drip tray/ Traeger drip tray cover, after 2 cooks.
  • In the second and third photos, I took these photos to show the positioning of the drip tray, -is it correct??
  • The fourth photo shows the drip pan after cooking ribs on Sunday. I used heavy duty foil to see if covers were a problem.
The grease pooling, -for months now, not only effects the taste of food cooked with the pooled grease on the drip tray, it also presents a significant safety issue.
Since purchasing the grill last November, I have needed to the empty the grease pan once, the grease pan worked. Since then, somehow the physical characteristics of the grill itself and/or the drip tray have changed to the point where the drip tray will not drain grease into the grease catching system. I’m forced to continually change the drip tray covers after each cook. If I’m doing something wrong, please tell me.

Traeger no longer provides an email address on the website to request support. The only means of getting help is calling the number provided. Traeger phone message claims Traeger support wait is 1 to 2 hours and asks to return a phone call in order received.
  • I called at 1:08pm Eastern Daylight, I was warned of the 1 to 2 hour wait, a per Traeger instructions I asked for a call back. Now, at 7:52pm - still waiting.
  • I called at 5:46pm, same message, asked for a call back, over 2 hours later, still waiting.
Traeger has to get these problems solved. Traeger claims to sell a premium product, charges a premium price and Traeger customer support is anything but premium.

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I find calling right when the open works best (7am Mountain Time for me). I’m not sure if short staffed lately due to covid, but wait times seem to be much longer.
Thanks. 9am my time. I’ll give it a try in the AM. Any ideas are appreciated.
They are all working from home. Try and use the call back if you can thats what worked for me.
I received a call back from a representative from Canada.