Coronavirus - Everyone hanging in there?


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Feb 12, 2019
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Austin, TX
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I know we have people from all over the world on here so I thought it would be interesting to open up a discussion and get everyones perspective on the coronavirus.

How's everyone doing?
Cookin a lot more!! Its nice not having to go here and there all the time. Hope your family is well as well as yourself.
We have just come back from Bali and went into a 2 week home self quarantine. Plenty of food in freezer and today I am cooking a Boston Butt on the Traeger, that should do us for a few days. Stupid thing about the virus is all the dumbasses who are stocking up on toilet paper. We bought a 6 roll in Bali and brought it back with us because we can't go to the shops for two weeks!!
Tough times for sure - sit home, sit tight and we’ll be back to the Hustle and bustle before you know it.
The Meat dept at the grocery store is looking pretty bare these days. How does it look in your neck of the woods?
Haven't been for a few weeks but they tell me there is not much available , lucky I stocked up. Looking forward to doing some Beef ribs next week.
grocery store meat sections are picked through big time near the Cleveland area but luckily my local butcher is only a quarter mile away and they are still doing well.

I do work for the Cleveland clinic and I will say this to everyone, STAY HOME and please limit your trips out.
With the Coronavirus I have been working from home which has allowed me to do some long smoking sessions that I would normally have to do on a weekend. I smoked my first brisket (a small 2.3 lb one) and it turned out great. I also did some 321 ribs which were amazing! I did one rack with traditional BBQ sauce but since my wife is allergic to tomatoes I did the second rack with a mustard & vinegar based BBQ sauce. They were both amazing!

Other than that we are doing well. Plenty of food in the freezer to last for months. Will be glad to get things back to normal though.


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Well the virus has kept us in but I still go out for a daily drive on non working days to at least get the family out of the house for a half hour. I've been to the grocery store a few times, first the meat shelves were completely empty as people were stock piling, now however the shelves are LOADED with meat as I'm assuming everyone's freezers are full and no longer hoarding. Which means, meat sales are back on!
I was traveling every week till last week. Now I'm working from home and working the Traeger when it's not raining.

Gotta Prime Brisket from Costco prepped to go on tonight! Woot!
Staying home mostly except for occasional grocery store run. My garage freezer stays stocked with various Costco meats when they go on sale. Smoked chicken breasts on the Traeger last night. They were so moist and tender. Smoking ribs tomorrow. Stay safe!
Doing well, in quarantine mode and smoking some meat. So far a Costco full packer brisket and pork butt.
Stay healthy everyone
Hanging out in upstate South Carolina... I’m not dead yet. Enjoying the rain, still cooking with the Traeger (and a Blackstone).. planning on giving some beef short ribs a try next.
New here but thought I’d chime in from the Milwaukee area. I’m an RN at a local hospital. Still healthy, family is healthy so to beat the boredom, ( the kid has been home due to school cancellation and my wife has been furloughed) I cook on my days off as far and few they have been as of late.
My latest creation is a big hit. Smoked bacon wrapped venison meatloaf. Figuring out what and how to make it traegerized is a great outlet and reason for family time. Smoke on!


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we are doing good here so far in Maryland only working 3 days a week now so a lot more time to use the Traeger I have plenty of meat in freezer to enjoy I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and be safe MOST IMPORTANT STAY HOME UNLESS ITS ABSOULTLY NECCASSARY TO GO OUT HELP STOP THE SPREAD OF THIS AND LETS GET EVERY ONE BACK TO WORK AND GETTING A PAY CHECK BEFORE PEOPLE START LOSEING EVERYTHING THEY WORKED HARD FOR I KNOW ITS HARD BUT ITS ONLY TEMPORARY IF WE ALL DO IT WE CAN GET BACK TO A NORMAL LIFE QUICKER
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