What? I dont understand the question. Take a wire brush to the grate and call it a good day.
Well, every now and then maybe take a shop vac to the fire pot to get out the ash buildup.
Other than that it should be fairly maintenance free.
How clean should i clean the inside ?

I scrape the grates down with a ball of tin foil and then I vacuum out the fire pot and the inside the pit the following morning after a cook. Re wrap the drip pan and remove any left over pellets. There are times I will cook twice b4 cleaning however it depends on if they are smaller cooks and similar meat and flavour profiles.
I occasionally wipe down the inside with Krud Cutter and rinse with water and vinegar, but only when it's a messy cook. No harsh smells left . I use the balled up foil , works better than any brush for Traeger and Weber,
I vacuum the fire pot and lower cavity about once a week. I also wipe the grease trough and channel to bucket. The Ironwood has been easier to recover the drip pan than the previous . It takes about 5 minutes to refoil the pan.

There can be a buildup of creosote around the exhaust . A wipe around the exhaust and door is always a good idea.