Can I reduce the smoke on startup?


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Nov 19, 2023
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Hi. Long time traeger owner. We recently moved. We’re now on the ground floor of a condo. A few times when I fired up my traeger I got complaints about the smoke. Actually set off the fire alarms :)
If I were to empty the firebox completely ( shop vac ) any thoughts if that would make the smoke better or worse. Afraid to experiment.
Once it fires up and clears the initial smoke it’s never a problem. But start up is the problem. I even take out my leaf blower and try to disperse the smoke but they love to complain on this new building :).
Appreciate if anyone has tried this or is willing to try for me.
Thanks in advance.
Unfortunately, whether you are starting a fire in your pellet grill or building a campfire, there will always be heavy white smoke early in the process. I doubt that cleaning the grill or not cleaning it would make much difference. The smoke comes from the incomplete combustion of the wood at a low temperature. As the temperature rises, the combustion starts to produce a thin blue smoke.

If you are setting off fire alarms, it sound like your grill is too close to the dwelling. You also might be less likely to have an issue if there is a stiff breeze to disperse the smoke. As far a complains from neighbors, you might occasionally invite them to a cookout. If they sample the sumptuous food, they might be less likely to complain. I know this might get expensive, but harmony among neighbors make life a lot more pleasant.
IN FACT, I love my 'pre' smoke, the more the merrier!!!! I usually put my salmon, chicken, and burgers on before even pressing 'ignite' and love seeing the smoke

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