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Nov 2, 2020
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Daphne, Al
Treager 575
Have cooked about 4 or 5 briskets on my 575. We are a family of 2 so a large 13-15 # brisket makes no sense unless you freeze it. So the briskets I have cooked are in the 6 - 8 # range. I have purchased at the grocery store, the meat market and at Costco. The store is the least desirable, the meat market was a prime as was the Costco. The issue is attempting to get more tender ( fall apart ) meat and heavier bark. Have followed the following set of instructions. Trim the brisket, using a coat of mustard with light salt / pepper mix or the Treager seasonings. Preheat to 225 degrees the fat side dn for 2 hr's, flip and increase to 250 for 2 hrs. Remove and wrap w/butcher paper and replace on grill for last 2 hrs, ( 6 hr. cook ). Remove at 201 and let rest. Here's the issue. Using the traeger probe and following the temp increase thru the cook, then confirm temp using a separate thermometer its at 201 after 4 hrs. The result is pretty good meat, but could be more tender and has minimal about of bark. At the rising cost of meat, experimentation is becoming expensive. What am I doing incorrectly? Thxs in advance.

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