The BAC344 22 series one works, I just bought one a short time ago. Works great! Not sure if the bottom of the 575 is a little different than the 22 series, the straps had to go around the sides rather than straight under the body, but it strapped in no problem. I think it will be a worthwhile purchase, was around 32 the first time use and grill was able to hit 450 with ease. Amazon also has a 'generic' blanket for $20 less, I opted for the Traeger branded blanket. Looks like the Traeger is hard to find in stock, search for "BBQ Butler Smoker Insulation Blanket for Traeger Pro 575" on amazon for the generic.
Thanks for the info. I also was looking into these for my soon to arrive 575. I'm in New England, so temps in the winter can get pretty low. But still wondering if this is worth the money. Does it really help? Just for longer cooks?
Hey guys does the BAC344 Blanket work on my Pro575 with the fold down shelf?
Also, I didn't know this thread existed before I just posted a new thread about the Series 22 blanket fitting the 575. I also can personally confirm that it does fit. I have it on my 575. I ran the straps through the oval shaped holes that are on the lower, rear leg-panel. And also note that have the fold-down shelf and it still fits.

My post is here:

Traeger Silverton from Costco. 460 degrees Max. Ambient temperature 0 degrees Celsius


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Bad pic but it does fit. The straps are short but I purchased extensions from the hardware store and it’s perfect. Also these are just $84.00 at Amazon.
I didn't buy extension straps -- none needed if you thread the straps through the oval holes on the back see here:


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