575 Pro adding a smokai 3L Magnum


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Aug 21, 2022
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Where is the best place to mount the Smokai 3L Magnum on my 575 Pro? Is it best to be opposite the vent stack? I currently mounted it on the same end as the vent stack and more smoke comes out the 2 holes that you light the Smokai than out the vent stack. I actually see very little smoke coming out the vent stack. I’m not sure what to do. Is the opposite end by the hopper better? I’m assuming the airflow travels in the direction of right to left or from the hopper end towards the vent stack. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
I don't have one of these, but I wonder if the issue is more to do with airflow and pressure than placement. If the fan from the smoker generates more airflow and pressure than the smoke generator, it is going to blowback.
Try opening the lid of the smoker when the generator is operating, does the smoke stop back flowing? If so, you can try increasing the air flow from the smoke generator, if it has a variable airflow adjustment.
Another option may be to contact the smoke generator manufacturer and see if they have any installation tips or ideas to generate an airflow that isn't blowing back into the smoke generator

Good luck with it
I kindly thank you for your thoughts on my issue. The exact issue was not enough air flow as I have always tried to keep my cooks as sealed as I could thinking I’m “keeping all the smoke” within. By simply cracking the lid a tad made a HUGE difference!!! Works great now!!

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