3-2-1 Ribs


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Jul 18, 2019
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Starting this thread early to capture the prep.

Rub recipe link:

Pretty much followed it except I didn’t use clove, mainly because I did not have any. Mixed the rest up as directed, did a taste test, too salty. Added more brown sugar, onion, garlic, and paprika, re-taste, more like what I wanted.

Pulled off membrane, brushed with mustard, applied rub, and they are now chilling with the beer in the frig.

Update: Rubbed ribs pic won’t post. Will try to get one tomorrow morning

I’ll add more pics as I progress thru the process tomorrow.


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Still trying to attach pics. Every time I try, it puts a strike-thru line through the file name.
It might be too large. I find file uploads to be a little buggy.
Striking out on the pics. Sorry folks.

Came out pretty good for the first time. Nice smoke ring. Not as tender as i would have liked. Meat did not come off the bone the way I hoped.

Just a good excuse to keep practicing. Happy to listen to any advice.
I’m not a big fan of foiling. I just cook them until they’re done the way I like them.

If you want fotb ribs however, you need more time in the foil. This is one thing about the catchy number thing, it’s not perfect the way it’s portrayed, you still have to find what you like.
I don’t mind wrapping although I prefer paper and pull it tight. These days on the Ironwood for me at 225 it’s about 2.5 hours but I look for color. Don’t like dark ribs, then about 2 hours @ 250 wrapped. The bend test is really the only way to know with confidence IMO. I tend to skip the 1 part. Leaves a nice dry rub rib and good bite.