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Jun 13, 2022
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The Mrs picked up a small boneless pork loin roast this past weekend at the store. Any suggestions as to how to cook it? I found this mango salsa recipe on the Traeger site: https://www.traeger.com/recipes/roast-pork-loin-mango-salsa . Anyone try it?

If I can't find anything better to do with it, I'll just dust it with one of the many rubs I have and smoke it at 225 'till it's done.

I've never tried that recipe but it looks good. That cut makes good carnitas too.
Whether you are cooking pork loin roast or pork chops, the difference is cook time due to the weight difference. You can cook low and slow at 225F or try a higher temperature if you need to speed up the cook. Just make sure you cook to an internal temperature of 145F. Then allow the meat to rest before serving. For pork chops a short rest of 5-10 15 minutes will be sufficient. For a large roast, 30 minutes would be better.

The recommended guidelines for pork used to be to cook well done (160F minimum), but the current guideline states that cooking to 145F is sufficient as long as the pork is kept at that temperature for several minutes.

I normally marinate pork chops so they do not dry out during cooking. With a larger pork roast, marinades are usually not needed, but can be used. Season liberally with your favorite rub.

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