1st Brisket


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Jul 18, 2019
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Popping my brisket cherry this weekend. Placed an order with my butcher two weeks ago for a Prime grade packer, somewhere between 8-12 pounds. When I went to pick it up today they rolled out an almost 16 lb Choice grade, and said ‘Sorry, we ran out of Prime.’ My response was ‘Why did a place an order.

After they trimmed it up it weighed about 13.5 lb. Evidently the owner heard about my complaint, and I got $20 off .....

Put it on around 6:45pm, at 225. Equal parts coarse sea salt & fresh cracked black pepper for the rub (I figured if that was good enough for Aaron Franklin it would be good enough for me ?). Cooking on Hickory pellets. Planning on doing burnt ends with the point, cause I love ‘em!

Will update with pics when I pull to wrap, & pics when I slice

Update: wrapped a bit early at 150, mainly because my help was leaving to run a 5k (bad decision making if you ask me, but to each his own). Bark was looking good, so we went for it.

Won’t see it again until later this afternoon after it rests a while. Planning on separating the point from the flat, re-wrapping the flat to rest more, and making Burnt Ends from the point.

Will update more when I can.CDF3E990-8ACE-4933-BB8F-91DC52E6AA79.jpeg
I'll be wanting a full report in the morning ? That certainly looks like a nice piece of meat. I'm envious, I looked in 2 Costco's and couldn't find anything less than 18 lbs.
One in the point and one in the flat. It’s the science teacher in me, love the data ?
That's why I like this group, we have more than a few mad scientists among us. I'm an old Refrigeration systems guy. Camp Whatnot knows more than most people forgot, MrFabulous is a science teacher we have a busload of IT people and herds of other skills and we all like BBQ
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Slowly closing in on the magic temp. Getting ready to hit 190 in the flat. As long as I have it off by 2pm I am going to be fine. And I have told all my guests ahead of time that 6pm is a suggestion. I will serve no brisket before it’s time

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