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    Hood Pivot Screws

    Last night, as I was finishing a rib cook, one of the pivot screws that the hood pivots on came out. I guess over time the opening and closing of the hood ‘unscrewed’ it. I put a little blue loctite on the threads of both screws, so shouldn’t have that issue again. Easy fix for preventive...
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    IPad Split Screen

    I’m trying to set up a split screen with the Traeger App on one side and the MEATER App on the other. Every time I try this, one or the other apps go full screen on me. Has anyone had any luck with this? Thanks.
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    Timberline 850 Hood Gasket

    When the lid is closed, the portion of the gasket that meets at the bottom of the lid has about a 1/2” gap. This results in both a lot of smoke exiting the cooking chamber from the front of the grill and heating up the lid handle where you have to use a glove to keep from burning your hand...
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    MEATER Reliance

    I was cooking a New York Strip and set the internal temperature at 130*. I set the Treager on 490* before putting the steak on the grill. I flipped and twisted the steaks to get the crosshatch marks on the steaks. The odd thing about the MEATER was that it showed ‘ambient’ temperature under...
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    Pre-Smoke the Grill

    I’m going to do my first cook on my Timberline 850 and will be doing a whole chicken. One of the YouTube videos I watched said to pre-smoke the grill before turning it to the desired cook temperature. So, do I just ignite it and press ‘super smoke’ for 10 minutes before turning to the cook...
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    Hopper size

    What are the inside dimensions of the Timberline 850 wood pellet hopper? Thanks.
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    I’m going to purchase a Timberline 850 at some time. Is there a time of year when there might be a discount?