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    Beef Ribs

    I'm trying my 1st cook of a 4.2 pound, 2 bone Wagyu beef rib. After searching the forum and other videos I've removed the membrane from the bone side and will take off the silverskin from the meat side. I'm going to slather with mustard, and season with Coopers rub (yes that Coopers you Texas...
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    New Ironwood owner

    Hi all, I've been lurking for awhile and finally pulled the trigger on an Ironwood 650, though I was very unsure after all the posts about wifi problems and other issues. I was thinking RecTec but would've had to put it together and Ace Hardware delivered the assembled grill to my door. I...
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    Smoke Daddy Searing Station

    Hi everyone, I'm a possible new Traeger owner Living in a hi-rise, propane and charcoal aren’t allowed. I’ve been using a Weber electric for a few years but it just died, which is fine since it was marginal at best, especially because it lacked any searing capability. Having discovered electric...