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    Ironwood Defective Lid

    Last summer I'd had enough of the fibs and my butt was sore from having smoke blown up it. I somehow got connected to a second tier and was offered a replacement. I declined because I'm a gimp and had no way of getting it from garage to deck and would have difficulty building it. Besides I'...
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    reverse sear rib eyes

    I do my steaks the same way, it's easier to clean the Weber. My traeger ironwood is a great smoker and good for burgers, roasts, ribs and chicken but try to sear a steak and it makes too much of a mess. If traeger has an R&D dept, they're asleep at the switch or hiding. A little more...
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    Ironwood Defective Lid

    It's obvious that no one at Traeger gives a fat rats behind about even the most obvious design flaws. When I made my original complaint about the door I sent emails with a complete set of pictures showing the flat hinge on the oval shell as well as the different contour on the opposite sides...
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    What's your drink?

    To get a concentrated smokey taste to the water it would be cool to bubble smoke through cool water and then freeze The problem would be to cool the smoke before it hit the air pump . You could always use a venturi. Try running pressurised air through the straight run of a tee with the branch...
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    What's your drink?

    Glenlivet Nadurra, barrel strength water on the side Nadurra comes as a first fill american white oak cask @ around 59% alcohol by volume as well as an Oloroso. The second option is matured in first fill Jerez Sherry oak casks and bottled at approx 61%. I pour 2 oz into a glass and add 1.5...
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    Temperature Setting Fluctuation

    I have an Ironwood 650, never happened to me.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    ???????Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????? From another Canuck
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    Left to Right Temps

    A lot of really fine cuisine is done in wood fired ovens. So long as you understand where the hot spots are you can make allowances. You can become so obsessed with metering and trying to reinvent the wheel that it no long becomes a labour of love. Put the thicker steak on the left. From my...
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    New Weber Pellet Grill

    Doesn't matter what I think, until they do away with cube farms staffed with the barely functional any endeavour is doomed. Salesmen rule and make it difficult for any service / engineering professional to do their job. The sale is the end of the process then it's p*ss on em , make excuses...
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    Century 34 from Costco

    The drip pan and the heat shield are prone to warping under high temperature operation. Service will ship you replacements . depends on what you want out of the grill. I had a Junior that needed one drip pan, the heat shield warped but still functioned so I wound up using it with no issues...
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    Wi-Fire, is it me? Or does it suck for everyone?

    -60db is acceptable according to Traeger service and my experience with other wifi situations . -50db to the -40's is better of course but more difficult to attain. outside your house. A better antenna placed outside of the metal enclosure would be great BUT they know this and known it for some...
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    Wi-Fire, is it me? Or does it suck for everyone?

    It's the luck of the draw. The app becomes unresponsive at times and the only way to get it back up is to change the screen on the controller or close and restart the app. I am getting decent signal strength , it's usually between -48 db and -60 which according to Traeger is sh*t hot. I can get...
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    Mayo steak

    Mayo is oil and eggs. I use mayo to coat fish and shrimp before breading it, its very neutral and you can season with spices, hot sauce or worcestershire,,never tried steak. I'll have to do a test run if it ever quits snowing. ?
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    Wi-Fire, is it me? Or does it suck for everyone?

    They do work for Traeger but they are sales people whose job it is to sell Traegers older technology. I would really doubt that they have anything to do with Wifire or D2 technology. The hours are long and they spend weeks on the road, not the ideal job. You're probably right about the Traeger...
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    Wi-Fire, is it me? Or does it suck for everyone?

    Costco only sells the more basic technology and the salesmen that cover the roadshows are just that, I wouldn't let what he said bother you.
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    Wi-Fire, is it me? Or does it suck for everyone?

    The app has issues and should have been reworked totally but it wasn't. Start calling service, there should be a dedicated line for Timberline owners. Hold their feet to the fire. Service like to send parts and bribes (sauce, accessories and rubs), demand answers, if your not happy with a...
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    Ironwood Defective Lid

    I always lean on the door handle in a futile attempt to "tease" the door into a tighter fit. You are right, if you just close the lid the door usually hangs up, pulling down or leaning on the handle does reduce the gap but sadly not enough. The low temp cooks aren't that much of an issue, at 400...
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    Ironwood 885 Drip Tray Warped?

    My Ironwood drip tray has held up just fine but the one from my Junior warped. They replace them with no argument and if it's out of the 3 year warranty, they're very inexpensive, shipping included.
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    Gasket seal

    Thank you for the feedback
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    Gasket seal

    Any feedback on how the gaskets stood up over the past few months. Is the Lavalock the way to go?