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    What's cooking today? 🔥 Pics are necessary!

    Nice looking Tri-tip, and a great price for Prime. You can't get Choice here in CA for that and we are the home of the Tri-tip. Nice level of doneness. We had the last of one I did last weekend for lunch today.
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    What's cooking today? 🔥 Pics are necessary!

    Just off the Traeger, Red Pepper Jelly Glazed Spam! Used this recipe for the glaze and low sodium Spam. I always use the low sodium as when you smoke Spam it concentrates the flavor and the regular is too salty.
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    What are these hooks for?

    Cool, Thanks!
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    What are these hooks for?

    Can't find any reference or use for these
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    What's cooking today? 🔥 Pics are necessary!

    I've not had any issues during my cook today. I would try uninstalling the app and then reinstall.
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    What's cooking today? 🔥 Pics are necessary!

    Traeger 's Roasted Herb Turkey Breast just went on. Just finished 7# breast 2 hrs 15 minutes @ 325 except for the last 15 @ 350
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    Brining Turkey

    Smokey Crow is correct, don't brine a Butterball.
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    Help! Drip tray / Heat baffle rusted

    Check this post out.
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    Hi. Just bought a Pro 22 and joined this forum.

    Welcome, I'm new as well. I have found that most here are civil and helpful.
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    Question on using the probe on PRO 575

    I have a Thermopen and a Redi Chek remote that I regularly use. I'm only using the factory probe to ball park the temp and then checking with the Thermopen.
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    Want to try to cold smoke in my 34

    I have not done it on a Traeger yet. I have done cheese on a "rigged up" Little Chief, with good success. Your highest temp should be at best, ambient outdoor temp and no more than in the mid to low 90's, otherwise the cheese will melt. Once done I wrap each block in parchment paper and...
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    Question on using the probe on PRO 575

    Thank you, I appreciate your response.
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    New Pro 575 Owner from Lodi, CA

    Thanks, I did keep my Weber as I know I can cook anything anywhere on it. I actually don't do steaks on the Weber. I do them indoors in a cast iron skillet. Start with a cold skillet, put the seasoned steak in it and turn on high. Flip every 2 minutes until you start getting a light char on both...
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    Question on using the probe on PRO 575

    After reading and re-reading the probe cooking instructions, I need to confirm my understanding of how it all works. So, when using the probe, can you set the grill temp to your desired cooking temp as well as setting the probe for the internal temp that you are trying to achieve? In the second...
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    What's cooking today? 🔥 Pics are necessary!

    Did my first cook today. Turkey Thighs, Drumsticks, Beans and Hotlinks. I expected the food to be minimally good, and it was that. I understand that it takes a few cooks to get a good season on the grill and would expect that it would increase the flavor profile. Doing a Tri-Tip on Saturday...