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  1. good eats

    Finally got a Traeger

    Glad to have you!
  2. good eats

    Pellet/chip combinations that work perfectly with a smoke tube

    I pit abet an inch of pellets (hickory) then begin to add hickory chunks that have been sized to allow pellets to cover al least one side of the chunk, then add more pellets and repeat the process until the tube iw filled. Smoke is clean and plentiful;.
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    Why Do You Suppose That Cooking A Whole (Packer) Brisket Is More Common Than Cooking Just The Flat?

    I see the Aldi brisket flat posted by Shedd, and that seems to me to be a good way to do it as we never eat the point anyway as it's too fatty, and I don't use it to make burnt ends. Aside from burnt ends, is there a reason folks seem to like cooking a packer brisket as opposed to just the flat...
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    What's cooking today? 🔥 Pics are necessary!

    Pulled Ham. Tasty fare!
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    What's cooking today? 🔥 Pics are necessary!

    It came up to 165 a lot quicker that I was expecting, but it's under foil now @ 300 degrees. Thanks! We'll pull it tonight, then put the meat in zip lock bags and sous vide tomorrow.
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    What's cooking today? 🔥 Pics are necessary!

    I'm trying SlimPicker's suggestion of Pulled Ham. This is a semi-boneless unsliced ham. It's already cooked and smoked, so I'm looking forward to see how it shreds.
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    Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf.

    It was very tasty, and I did, for once, remember to make a photograph of my efforts. I made the mistake of glazing the meatloaf with some thick, dark BBQ sauce, which hid the visual appeal of the woven bacon covering. It looked good before the BBQ glaze, but tasted great with it. Nest time...
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    Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf.

    We're cooking a bacon wrapped meatloaf featuring hamburger, Italian sausage and pepperoni all wrapped in basket-woven bacon.
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    Brisket taking hours to go up 1 degree

    Andy, did you wrap the brisket in towels and place in a well insulated cooler for the rest period? That allows the meat to slowly cool and makes a big difference in juiciness as well as tenderness. The first brisket I ever cooked was several years ago, on my XL Big Green Egg. I did pretty much...
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    Creosote Removal

    In cleaning my Timberline last week I noticed that I in the short time that I've owned it (2 months), is already developing black or dark brown "stalactite-like" formations coming from the exhaust vent on the back of grill. That vent is not accessible through the pit I'm wondering if anyone else...
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    Brisket taking hours to go up 1 degree

    I suspect that if you measure the ambient temperature of the pit with a third party probe, you'll find that it's reading much less, than 225. probably in the area of 180 degrees. If you'll pardon the pun, that disparity between actual temperature and the readout on the Traeger has been a hot...
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    Smoke Tube Fire

    Thanks Ray, I appreciate the response. I like the foil suggestion.
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    Smoke Tube Fire

    Over this past weekend I tried cooking smoked chicken with Alabama White BBQ Sauce, a recipe I saw on one of the Traeger YouTube videos. The recipe calls for the chicken to be cooked at 375 degrees. For this high temp setting, I decided to use 2 smoke tubes filled with Bear Mountain Hickory...
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    Who sifts pellets to remove pellet dust and if so, how do you do it?

    Thanks Coastie, I bought one from Amazon and have been using it. I was surprised by how much dust and debris was in the pellets.
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    Why doesn't Traeger recognize and FIX the MAJOR PROBLEM with the ambient temp probe being off by 25-30 degrees?

    CM, Thanks for your response. I looked inside my Timberline along the walls, especially along the right side near the controller and can't find anything that resembles a thermocouple probe, I'm assuming that the built-in Traeger pit probe would closely resemble the aftermarket ambient probes in...
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    Why doesn't Traeger recognize and FIX the MAJOR PROBLEM with the ambient temp probe being off by 25-30 degrees?

    I can't find the pit probe on my Timberline. I'd like to place a FireBoard Pro ambient probe as close to it as possible on my next cook to see the differential there. Anyone on here know where that's located? There's no mention of it in the Owners Manual that I could find,