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  1. traeger860

    Noisy ironwood

    My sister's Ironwood 650 makes a whining noise like yours. Hers is about 2 years newer than mine. She did call Traeger and they said it was normal.
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    New Pro 34 ambient temp is 100 degrees low

    Maybe. I'd try reaching out to Traeger. Live chat on their website seems to be the easiest way these days. They'll probably just sent you a new probe. It's an easy install. That should fix the problem if it's the grill. Any chance it's the Meater that has the problem? If you have the Meater...
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    New Pro 34 ambient temp is 100 degrees low

    This is exactly what I was going to ask as well.
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    575 Pro Top Rack

    I read about this one a while back:
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    I bet they are taking a lot of business away from "South of The Border". The Florence, SC one has been crazy busy the few times I've stopped there. Their parking lot is much easier to get in and out of than the locations in FL.
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    Firmware version 01.01.06 (D2 controller) updateable?

    If you have a mobile hot spot on your phone, try connecting the Traeger to that so that you can get on the internet and hopefully update the firmware and config. Then try to connect it to your Orbi again once complete. Or - create a 2.4ghz guest network on your Orbi and try to get it...
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    The one near me (Daytona Beach, FL) is building a car wash soon. It's been open for a while now and is still pretty busy whenever I drive by or go there. The BBQ sandwiches have gotten a lot better. I think they changed the bread. The "beaver tail" pastries and the breakfast sandwiches are...
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    New Ironwood inaccurate temp

    First thing support will ask you is to make sure you're on the latest firmware version and config version. Here's a link that shows the current versions: Is 225/SuperSmoke what you had this brisket set for? Did you wrap after a certain IT and bump the temp?
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    Dear Traeger LLC

    Have you tried the Live Chat option on their website? You're more likely to get a response that way. Any idea which retailer the grill was purchased from?
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    Sous Vide Cooking

    I've done corn a few times too. The time/temp recipe I used was similar to Shed. It comes out great. I usually add butter & Trader Joe's "Everything But the Elote" seasoning. And still throw it on a hot grill for a few minutes to get some marks on it.
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    Strange chicken texture?

    Yes. 450 is way too high to cook chicken. The outside will be like leather before the inside is to temp. Try 350-375 max. You can even try 200-225 for a while and then bump the temp towards the end of the cook.
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    LoCo Griddles

    Arrived damaged. Looks like the carrier dropped the box several times. A lot of the parts were dented, scratched, and bent. Waiting on another shipment. Going to try picking up from the store this time.
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    3.5lb brisket tips? (temp/wrap/??)

    Try starting it at a lower temp - maybe 180-200. If you have Super Smoke, turn that on too. Wrap when the internal temp gets to 165 and then turn the grill up to 225-250. You'll get plenty of smoke on the meat before you wrap it. Pull from grill when internal temp hits 202-203. Let it rest for...
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    LoCo Griddles

    Reached out to LoCo. Here are the differences between Series I and Series II in case anyone else wants the info: The Series II has a larger grease tray, a redesigned burner assembly, and a hook for the power cord to wrap around.
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    LoCo Griddles

    Just realized that there are Series I and Series II models of each. Home Depot has both and has their Series I on sale. Lowes doesn't list if their models are Series I or II, but I'm guessing Series I from the pricing. Specs and pictures look very similar. Wonder what the real differences are.
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    LoCo Griddles

    Lowe's has their LoCo griddles on sale. 2 burner model is $299 and the 3 burner model is $499.
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    Silverton 620

    Another thing that could help - when you are cooking something messy, try to cook it on the top shelf and put a tray underneath it to catch the drippings. That way the grease doesn't have a chance to get anywhere else inside the grill and cause a fire in the future.
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    Silverton 620

    You won't find drip liners for that model unless they sell them at Costco. Grab a roll of something like this and wrap the metal tray to make your own liners: I've heard of grease fires happening on lots of makes and models - not just Traeger. Smokers and 400+ temps just...
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    Deal Alert! Pellet Helper T - magnetic chute for Traeger grill hopper cleanout, Only $12.50

    I just ordered a 2nd one from your store a few days ago. Traeger did a swap on my grill a while back and I forgot to take my original one off before they took it away. This is a great product and he ships quickly. Highly recommended.
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    Question, Help

    Check this thread: