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  1. miguelb

    BGE to New Traeger Ironwood 885 ..

    Welcome. I have an IW 885 and my neighbor has the BGE so we share each other's meals (meats didn't sound right). I enjoy my IW885 and purchased the stainless steel box cover and plate. Makes my cooking better.
  2. miguelb

    It's home! The new Traeger Ironwood L

    Glad you are enjoying the new grill. The turkey breast looks juicy!
  3. miguelb

    Heavy stainless steel drip trays and heat shields. Send me a PM with model and zip code. I will get you a quote

    I don't make them, @Shawnbbqman does. I am just a happy customer that ordered the product and happy with the results.
  4. miguelb

    Moving to Lone Star Grill

    Also looking forward to hearing about your adventures with the LSG.
  5. miguelb

    Heavy stainless steel drip trays and heat shields. Send me a PM with model and zip code. I will get you a quote

    I recommend this. I purchase them last year and they have worked out great every since.
  6. miguelb

    SmokeFire Sear+ ELX6 vs new Ironwood XL

    I am guessing the 3rd version already addressed the grease fires?
  7. miguelb

    Wife says I’m crazy

    Congratulations on retirement. Looking forward to when that time comes around for us.
  8. miguelb

    Unable to connect to server

    The one thing I learn is that I got so use to shutting down the grill with the app. After the app was down, I couldn't figure out how to shut off the grill. This is what happens when I get so reliance on the app.
  9. miguelb

    Traeger App down on Thanksgiving?

    Lucky for me, I was already done with my Turkey but yes it sucked. I though I had to reset my password.
  10. miguelb

    Trashed Wings

    Carolina Reapers' sauce get me sweating really quick. I am one of those that love everything hot/spicy (Mexican). But man I learn that the way hotter peppers that exist in my native land.
  11. miguelb

    #traegergameday 2022 on Instagram

    @Tim Home at last. Way to go!
  12. miguelb

    What's cooking today? 🔥 Pics are necessary!

    Catching up on the posts and holy molly, this looked great! That's going to be one of my ultimate cook to smoke. Thanks for sharing!
  13. miguelb

    Welcome to the site! Please post an introduction thread!

    Welcome to the forums. I would suggest smoking a butt/shoulder. I have done both injections and non injection and they all come out great. It's ok to make mistake since it's gives you a lesson. Enjoy!
  14. miguelb

    Overnight Brisket

    If you are cooking it at 190-200, then most likely it will take over 20 hours to cook. I did an 11.39 lb at 200 Traeger temp and took me 18 h 30 min. When I am not around like yesterday and the meat reach temp, I use keep warm function until I get home.
  15. miguelb

    Aluminum Pan when cooking

    I usually do with water unless I don't have room for smoke tubes.
  16. miguelb

    Happy Mothers Day all y'all

    Took wife and kids to Italian restaurant yesterday. Today just lay back. Happy Mother's to your significant other and moms.
  17. miguelb

    Smoke Tube!

    You can definitely use the smoker box on the Traeger. I use a combination of both chips and pellets. However, I discovered that using 2 smoke tubes has given me heavier smoke flavor. In my household, everyone is happy with just the flavor we get from the IW885 without the smoke tubes.
  18. miguelb

    Timberline XL Super Smoke Mode

    That pretty cool you support your community. It's a great way to use the grills.
  19. miguelb

    Timberline XL

    I am a big fan of the induction cooktop top. I do have a question, how improved is the drip / ash system? Congratulations to both of you on the Timberline XL. Can't wait to hear more.