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    Weber iGrill2 With 6 Probes

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    Weber iGrill2 With 6 Probes

    No longer have a need. Bought new from Home Depot 5/20. Lightly used and 3 of the probes are unused. Asking $75 shipped to US48. Also have a Fireboard in another post and willing to make a deal for both.
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    Lightly Used Fireboard Extreme Edition w/ Protective Case

    Original Fireboard extreme edition that I lightly used. Purchased new from Fireboard 5/20 for $300. Most of the probes are still in packaging. Fireboard (original) 2 ambient probes 6 food probes 2 grate clips Charger Box, paperwork and receipt Worked great but no longer have a need. Also...
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    Keep my other grills???

    Tbh, I would keep one. If I were in your situation, I'd keep the kettle. Especially if you're used to high temp searing. Unfortunately, its one of the downfalls of a Traeger. GrillGrates help but it's still not the same.
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    My Experience With Umai Dry Age Bags

    I know they're nothing new but they're new to me and my new hobby. I picked up a set of bags and 14# Premium boneless rib loin after watching countless videos to elevate my steak game without breaking the bank ordering Waygu or dry age. I was skeptical after reading mixed reviews on opposite...
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    Outdated Firmware and Config

    Sounds like you'll have a backup controller on your hands. Their loss as far as I see it.
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    Sear a Ribeye

    Awesome! I do the griddle side of the grates for burgers and it makes an awesome crust. Have to try a steak. Those grates really do absorb heat and the grill does rebound quickly when the door is opened/closed. It's really a tossup if you want wood fire & smoke flavor then you go with a...
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    Terrible experience

    Have you tried taking out the controller with the 4 screws and reseating all the connectors? Maybe something got jostled during shipping.
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    Sear a Ribeye

    Yep, I've just regular seared on them many of times. Brought the steaks up to room temps letting them sit out then do a rotate, flip, rotate and rotate every 2-4 minutes depending on the thickness to get even cooking and marks/crust. I run a meat probe to make sure I nail the 127 degree mark...
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    Moderator? Pinned posts?

    @primeone is the moderator and owner (i think)
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    1st attempt at a Tri-Tip

    Excellent choice! I use that rub on all beef I cook and started using MeatChurch Garlic & Herb with holy cow. Awesome combo.
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    1st attempt at a Tri-Tip

    Looks good! What rub did you go with?
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    Best pellets for duck

    I would probably go with Alder, Maple or Traeger's turkey blend on duck.
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    Oh man that looks great! Let's see some finished photos. I just dropped mine in the Yeti in a towel for 2 hours of resting - just in time for dinner. That's the beauty of these Traegers, you can easily experiment and change temps on the fly and not even be home to do so. I think next brisket...
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    God speed! I'm doing a 16# Snake River now. On hour 8 and will be ready to rest soon. Hot and fast (thats what she said) - 275 all the way and wrapped with butcher paper at 165 and aiming for 205 to finish.
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    What's for dinner tonight? Dinner ideas?

    Did first spatchcock chicken yesterday. Came out awesome. Took about hour and half at 375 with the smoke tube. A nice coating of Holy Voodoo and Garlic & Herb. In-between the skin I poured some melted KerryGold with fresh parsley.
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    Timberline 850 Possible Purchase

    Not a bad deal at all. Similar to the deal Traeger was running a few weeks back where a new Ironwood or Timberline would get you a free cover and 2 bags of pellets. Of course I purchased not long before lol Ace Hardware has a pretty good rewards program. I constantly buy drip liners, pellets...
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    Enabled the Alexa Traeger skill. Playing with.

    Thank you for pointing this out Rusty. Never even thought there was integration. I have a couple Google Home Mini's around the house I barely use.
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    Greetings from California!

    Good looking Tri-tip! Welcome!